Session Index

Session 1

  1. "Speech Enhancement based on SNR-Dependent Empirical Statistical Estimation in Log-Spectral Magnitude Domain", Tran Huy Dat, Kazuya Takeda, Fumitada Itakura
  2. "Source Separation and Speech Dereverberation Based on Blind Multichannel Identification in Reverberant Environments", Yiteng Arden Huang, Jacob Benesty, Jingdong Chen
  3. "Filtered-X affine projection algorithms for a class of nonlinear multichannel active noise controllers", Alberto Carini, Giovanni L. Sicuranza
  4. "Perceptually motivated blind source separation of convolutive audio mixtures with subspae filtering method", Rammohana Reddy Guddeti, Bernard Mulgrew
  5. "A hands-free unit with adaptive microphone array for directional AGC", Kazunori Kobayashi,Yoichi Haneda, Kenichi Furuya, Akitoshi Kataoka
  6. "Robust Wideband Enhancement of Speech by Combined Coding and Artificial Bandwidth Extension", Bernd Geiser, Peter Jax, Peter Vary
  7. "Error allocations in stereo echo cancellation algorithms", Suehiro Shimauchi, Yoichi Haneda, Akitoshi Kataoka
  8. "A New Type Echo Canceling by Using the Smart Acoustic Room (SAR) system & Correlation Function For the Double-Talk Condition", Chen Rui, Mohammad Reza Alsharif, Yamashita Katsumi
  9. "Noise Reduction Method Based on SAFIA for Formula 1 Car Racing", Mariko Aoki, Kenichi Furuya, Akitoshi Kataoka, Yuji Matsuba
  10. "Detection of Overlapping Speech in Meetings Using Support Vector Regression", Kiyoshi Yamamoto, Futoshi Asano, Takeshi Yamada, Nobuhiko Kitawaki
  11. "Single-channel non-stationary noise reduction based on subband limiter and harmonic enhancement", Kenichi Noguchi, Sumitaka Sakauchi, Yoichi Haneda, Akitoshi Kataoka
  12. "Real-Time Blind Source Separation and DOA Estimation Using Small 3-D Microphone Array", Ryo Mukai, Hiroshi Sawada, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino
  13. "Precise noise estimation for high noise reduction", Michael Walker
  14. "Estimating the Delay and Coloration Effect of the Acoustic Echo Path for Low Complexity Echo Suppression", Christof Faller, Christophe Tournery
  15. "A Soft Model-Order Subspace based Speech Enhancement Algorithm", Jesper Jensen, Richard Heusdens
  16. "Robust Adaptive Kalman Filter for Speech Signal Recovery in Colored Noise", Marcel Gabrea
  17. "Active Noise Control for hearing protection using a lowpower fixed point digital signal processor", Benny Sällberg, Lars Häkansson, Ingvar Claesson

Session 2

  1. "Moving Source Speech Enhancement Using Time-Delay Estimation", Zohra Yermeche, Nedelko Grbic, Ingvar Claesson
  2. "Real-time blind extraction of dominant target sources from many background interferences", Hiroshi Sawada, Ryo Mukai, Shoko Araki, Shoji Makino
  3. "Multi-channel adaptive beamforming with source spectral and noise covariance matrix estimations", Hai Quang Dam, Sven Nordholm, Hai Huyen Dam, Siow Yong Low
  4. "A Spatio-Temporal-Spectral Processor for Duplex Hands-free Communication Systems", Siow Yong Low, Sven Nordholm, Hai Quang Dam
  5. "Theoretical Analysis of Microphone Arrays with Postfiltering for Coherent and Incoherent Noise Suppression in Noisy Environments", Junfeng Li, Masato Akagi
  6. "Dual Source Transfer-Function Generalized Sidelobe Canceller", Gal Reuven, Sharon Gannot, Israel Cohen
  7. "Underdetermined blind separation for speech in real environments with F0 adaptive comb filtering", Federico Flego, Shoko Araki, Hiroshi Sawada, Tomohiro Nakatani, Shoji Makino
  8. "A Calibration Algorithm for Robust Generalized Sidelobe Cancelling Beamformers", Parijat Oak, Walter Kellermann
  9. "A solution for the permutation problem of overdetermined source separation using subspace method", Shunichiro Hirayanagi, Nozomu Hamada
  10. "Implementation issues of a high-speed distributed multi-channel ADDA system", Johan M. Wesselink, Arthur P. Berkhoff, Geert Jan Laanstra, Henny Kuipers
  11. "Forward-Backward Decision Directed Approach for Speech Enhancement", Richard Christian Hendriks, Richard Heusdens, Jesper Jensen
  12. "Outlier-robust DFT-domain adaptive filtering for bin-wise stepsize controls, and its application to a generalized sidelobe canceller", Wolfgang Herbordt, Herbert Buchner, Satoshi Nakamura, Walter Kellermann
  13. "A Novel Blind Source Separation Method With Observation Vector Clustering", Shoko Araki, Hiroshi Sawada, Ryo Mukai, Shoji Makino
  14. "Analysis of the Dereverberation Performance of Microphone Arrays", Nikolay D. Gaubitch, Patrick Naylor
  15. "Adaptive Filter-and-Sum Beamforming in Spatially Correlated Noise", Reinhold Haeb-Umbach, Ernst Warsitz

Session 3

  1. "Estimating DOA of Multiple Speech Signals by Improved Histogram Mapping Method", Masao Matsuo, Yusuke Hioka, Nozomu Hamada
  2. "Acoustic Noise Reduction Using a Multiple-Input Single-Output Kalman Filter", Alexander Kaps
  3. "Speech noise reduction system based o n frequency domain ale using modified dft pair", Isao Nakanishi, Takenori Asakura, Yoshio Itoh, Yutaka Fukui
  4. "Frequency domain adaptive algorithms for stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation employing tap selection", Andy Khong, Patrick A. Naylor
  5. "An active headrest for personal audio", Matthew Jones, Steve Elliott
  6. "Preventing itd distortion in binaural hearing aids during noise reduction using multi-channel wiener filtering", Thomas James Klasen, Tim Van den Bogaert, Marc Moonen, Jan Wouters
  7. "Identification of undermodelled room impulse responses", Geert Rombouts, Toon van Waterschoot, Kris Struyve, Piet Verhoeve, Marc Moonen
  8. "Towards optimal regularization by incorporating prior knowledge in an acoustic echo canceller", Toon van Waterschoot, Geert Rombouts, Marc Moonen
  9. "Blind separation of audio sources convolutive mixtures using parametric decomposition", Abdeldjalil Aissa-El-Bey, Karim Abed-Meraim, Yves Grenier
  10. "Noise robust talker localization based on weighted CSP analysis with an average speech spectrum for microphone array steering", Yuki Denda, Takanobu Nishiura, Yoichi Yamashita
  11. "Objective perceptual quality measures for the evaluation of noise reduction schemes", Thomas Rohdenburg, Volker Hohmann, Birger Kollmeier
  12. "Blind Dereverberation of a Single Source based on Multichannel Linear Prediction", Mahdi Triki, Dirk T.M. Slock
  13. "Enhanced Double-Talk Detection Based on Pseudo-Coherence in Stereo", Markus Kallinger, Alfred Mertins, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer
  14. "Foundations of spectral-gain formulae for speech noise reduction", Eric John Diethorn
  15. "Stereo Echo Canceler by Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method with Multiple Room-Acoustics Information", Masahiro Yukawa, Konstantinos Slavakis, Isao Yamada

Session 4

  1. "Comparison between Subband and Fullband NLMS for In-Car Audio Compensation and Hands-Free Speech Recognition", Christian Zieger, Maurizio Omologo
  2. "Some Experiments on Short-Time Spectral Attenuation (STSA) Algorithms and Speech Intelligibility", Joerg Bitzer, Uwe Simmer, Inga Holube, Timm Schaer
  3. "Impulse Response Shortening for Acoustic Listening Room Compensation", Markus Kallinger, Alfred Mertins
  4. "Regression-Based Residual Acoustic Echo Suppression", Amit S. Chhetri, Arun C. Surendran, Jack W. Stokes, John C. Platt
  5. "Low Delay Filter for Adaptive Noise Reduction", Heinrich Löllmann, Peter Vary
  6. "Residual Echo Power Spectral Density Estimation Based on an Optimal Smoothed Misalignment for Acoustic Echo Cancelation", Stefan Goetze, Markus Kallinger, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer
  7. "On the Problem of Acoustic Echo Control in Cellular Networks", Gerald Enzner, Hauke Krueger, Peter Vary
  8. "Microphone array for headset with spatial noise suppressor", Ivan Tashev, Michael L. Seltzer, Alex Acero
  9. "Extension of the multi-channel Wiener filter with localisation cues for noise reduction in binaural hearing aids", Simon Doclo, Rong Dong, Thomas J. Klasen, Jan Wouters, Simon Haykin, Marc Moonen
  10. "Approximating negentropy of time frequency series of speech for fixed point ica by negentropy maximization", Rajkishore Prasad, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano
  11. "Real-time implementation of two-stage blind source separation combining simo-ica and binary masking", Yoshimitsu Mori, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Tomoya Takatani, Satoshi Ukai, Kiyohiro Shikano, Takashi Hiekata, Takashi Morita
  12. "Evaluation of simo separation methods for blind decomposition of binaural mixed signals", Tomoya Takatani, Satoshi Ukai, Tsuyoki Nishikawa, Hiroshi Saruwatari, Kiyohiro Shikano
  13. "A new self-calibration technique for adaptive microphone arrays", Thanh Phong Hua, Akihiko Sugiyama, Gerard Faucon
  14. "MIMO Instantaneous Blind Identification based on Second Order Temporal Structure and Homotopy Method", Jakob van de Laar
  15. "Volume control in networked audio systems", Aki Haörmaö, Arno van Leest, Rainer Thaden