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Array Processing

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First order differential microphone arrays for automotive applications  (.pdf)

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Computationally Efficient Frequency-Domain Robust Generalized Sidelobe Canceller  (.pdf)

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Echo Control

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Dynamic subband structures for echo cancellation  (.pdf)

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Noise Reduction I

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On Spectral Estimation of Residual Echo in Hands-Free Telephony  (.pdf)

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Speech Enhancement for Speaker Identification  (.pdf)

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Noise Reduction II

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Speech enhancement using a minimum mean square amplitude estimation  (.pdf)

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Adaptive Kalman Filtering-Based Speech Enhancement Algorithm  (.pdf)

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Spectral widening of the excitation signal for telephone-band speech enhancement  (.pdf)

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Background Noise Transmission and Comfort Noise Insertion: The Influence of Signal Processing on „Speech“-Quality in Complex Telecommunication Scenarios  (.pdf)